To contribute to a world without garbage, where no resources are wasted and everything circulates – like it does in nature. The goal for Smetumet are empty dumpsters and happy fish. 

Today’s market is flooded with cheap and environmentally harmful products. The figures of the amount of garbage we produce as a society are shocking – and by 2030, the amount of waste is estimated to double. At the same time, the majority of the business community is not equipped to make a switch to sustainable operations. 

We design solutions and products that turn waste into high-quality and well-designed usable products. We offer our clients solutions that help them understand how much waste they produce, where the waste comes from and prepare solutions for them to deal with their waste in a sustainable way. 


We are in search of a strategic partner with whom we would develop a pioneering approach to circular waste management and set an example for others to follow. We believe that the transition from linear to circular economy is possible. With Smetumet a as partner the partners gets a ticket to a circular world. Only in partnership, we can make a pioneering step towards new standards of dealing with the increasing amount of waste we produce. 


Our superpower is our creativity.  Majority of people see waste as a problem, for us it is a creative challenge.


A society where businesses design solutions in line with circular economy principles.


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+386 41 819 359 Alenka Kreč Bricelj


skype @smetumet


Services and products:

  • Smetumet products
  • custom made products
  • design and creation of promotional, business and protocol gifts made out of your company’s own waste materials 
  • consulting on moving towards a circular economy
  • creation of integrated ecology and design concepts
  • specialized courses for the management and staff
  • teambuilding events and social impact workshops
  • sustainability-related events
  • the Special Needs Friends package for the local community (e.g. kindergarten, school, hospital)

Take a look at our past collaborations to get a better idea on what kind of story we could create together.







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