Presentation of products on the website

We do our best to present the products that we offer in our online store as accurately and truthfully as possible, from many angles and with a lot of detail. Nevertheless, the colour of the actual product may deviate slightly from the colour on the photo.
As each product is unique, handmade from waste materials, slight deviations are possible with regard to colour, shape, size and material.


No registration is necessary for purchase. With registered users’ purchases, all entered data will be protected and used only for the purpose of processing your orders.


After submitting your order, you will receive an email with a confirmation. If you wish to cancel the order, please send a message to that effect to our email address within six (6) hours.
If the buyer does not cancel their order in the time stated above, the purchase contract between the buyer and the seller (Kulturno ekološko društvo Smetumet so.p.) is considered final.
Products ordered and paid for by credit card, PayPal or with cash on delivery shall be sent within two business days of receiving your order.

Email order

There is also the option of ordering by email, for all those unfamiliar with online stores or having trouble with your order.
If you want to order by email, please tell us which product you are interested in.
The whole process of selecting your product and processing your order will be carried out by email.


As soon as you submit your order, we will send you an email containing a confirmation and amount of your order. After you have paid the stated amount, we will send you an invoice, and a copy of the invoice will also be attached to the products you ordered.
An exception to the latter is made when sending products as a gift to another address – in such cases, no invoice will be attached to the package.


We offer four payment methods to our online customers:
· Credit card payment: In this case, the amount of your purchase is taken from your bank account.
· PayPal payment: In this case, you will need an online-enabled card and have to be logged in as a PayPal user. The price of your order can thus be paid through the PayPal system, which works on the same principle as credit card payment, the only difference being that PayPal allows for around-the-clock processing of payments and that we get no information from your credit card when the payment is carried out.
· By pro forma invoice: If the customer chooses the pro forma invoice payment option, submission of their order is followed by them receiving an email containing a summary of their order and details needed to process the payment (company data and bank account number). The customer then uses the UPN form to execute the payment (through an e-banking service or at a bank or post office), and we send the package as soon as we see the payment arrive to out account.
· Upon delivery: We send the package by registered mail with a redemption value, meaning that you pay for your purchases as you receive the package. This option is only available for customers in Slovenia.

Gift certificate  

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Discount code

There are two types of certificates available:
– certificates redeemable at the online store
– certificates redeemable for Smetumet products at the 3 muhe fair trade shop in Ljubljana

Delivery – world

Our products can be delivered globally. The time it takes for the package to arrive in a given country depends on the post services in the country. A package will usually arrive at destinations in the EU within one week. When we send packages to foreign countries, we use the tracking service – once you have submitted your order, you receive an email with your package’s tracking number that you can use to find out the status of your order at any time. Details at

Shipping costs

The shipping costs for individual orders up to EUR 20 are EUR 3.
The shipping costs for individual orders up to EUR 150 are EUR 6.
Orders with total value over EUR 150 are shipped FREE OF CHARGE.

Gift wrapping

We offer gift wrapping of purchased products. To take advantage of this, check the “Wrap as a Gift” box as you’re entering your order.
The price of wrapping one gift is EUR 2
Please use the comment field to describe the way in which you want your items wrapped (which items should be wrapped, as separate gifts or perhaps two and two items together, etc.).
We gift wrap our products using waste newspapers in Braille, old surplus wool and puzzle pieces (That’s a wrap!).
When you choose your products to be wrapped as a gift, you can add a personal message – to do so, write what you want to say into the “Note” box as you are submitting your order, and your note will be printed on a piece of cardboard and added to the package.


As the store is operated by a VAT-registered business, all prices already include VAT.
The prices are valid on the day of the purchase and until changed. The seller reserves the right to change their prices! In such a case, the buyer would be notified of the change orally or in writing and be given a chance to cancel their purchase.

100% secure purchase – return and exchange of goods
You can return your bought products and we will exchange it for other items. If the prices differ, you will have to cover the difference. Repeat shipping costs for the new items are borne by the buyer. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract, meaning they can return what they had bought without having to pay any compensation, however, the buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred by returning the item in question. The buyer must notify the seller of intending to return a product in writing within 14 days of receiving the product in question; the contact email address for this purpose is The buyer is obliged to return the goods within 14 days of notifying the seller in writing of withdrawing from the contract.
The form for withdrawing from the contract is available here.
Returned items should be unused, unopened, undamaged and in their original packaging. The copy of the invoice received by the buyer with the delivered goods must be attached as well.
The seller will not accept redeemable packages or packages in violation of the seller’s General Terms and Conditions. The returned products will be refunded as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of the seller receiving the buyer’s note of withdrawing from the contract. The goods shall not be refunded until they are received by the seller.

Material defects

A product is considered materially defective when it lacks characteristics required for its normal or special use that the buyer is buying it for or when it lacks characteristics stated in its description or in case the seller has given out an item that does not match the sample product.
In order to check whether an item is materially defective, it may be compared to a flawless item of the same type or considered in light of the seller’s declarations regarding the item or representations on the item itself.
The buyer shall notify the seller of any material defects in the statutory period and allow for an inspection of the defective product.
The form used to report a material defect is available here.

Complaints and warranty

In case you have a complaint you can contact us at and return your package to the address of the store operator indicated at the bottom of the page. Warranty claims are treated in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. No warranty is given for products outside the scope of the Act unless explicitly stated otherwise. The right to a refund in cases of warranty claims and material defects is determined in detail by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act; additional info available here.

Protection of personal data

Kulturno ekološko društvo Smetumet so.p. undertakes to safeguard your privacy. All personal data will be protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1). The data you submit will not be revealed to third parties, except in order to confirm the validity of the purchase, for the purposes of delivering the products, and for marketing and promotion. We implement all statutory measures for the protection of the privacy of your personal data.
The following data connected to users making a purchase at our online store are kept indefinitely: first and last name, email address, phone number, primary address and delivery addresses, country of residence, archived communications.

Store operator

Kulturno ekološko društvo Smetumet so.p.
Pokopališka ulica 13
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe, EU

Company details:

Tax ID number: SI89951115
The operator is a VAT-registered business
Date of entry into the register: December 17, 2007
Registration number: 2325489000

Further info

For further info regarding products on sale, the online store, prices, delivery, etc., please contact us at
We will reply as quickly as possible.