MESSENGER BAG G20 – Custom Made


Email us at with a basic colour combination idea for your Messenger Bag G20, and we’ll send you a photo of materials available in your chosen combination. In about 14 days, you’ll receive your custom Messenger Bag G20, measuring approximately 40 by 40 cm (we cannot vary the size of the Messenger Bag G20 and the location of various elements).

The outer pocket contains a ribbon for easy access to your keys, while the interior is separated into three compartments of different sizes. The Rucksack G20 has one adjustable shoulder straps. Clean using a wet cloth and a gentle detergent.


Messenger Bag G20 is fastend with durable G hook. The bottom is reinforced with car safety belts.You can put your whole life in a messenger bag. It’s made out of poster or truck tarp that has beaten the elements, neck straps that had hung out together at events and car safety belts that you don’t want to know the mileage of. It’s sturdy and water-resistant for rainy days.