A collective.
Different outlooks on life and a common attitude towards trash.
A glamorous one.




Maja Rijavec
It all began with a broken green umbrella that I used to make a bag. I find inspiration in many different materials. If I had to pick a favourite, I’d choose wooden boards that wash up on the seashore. Nothing short of superlative, picking up these boards from the beaches. I carry them to my grandfather’s workshop still smelling of salt and pine trees and slowly turn them into …



Alenka Kreč Bricelj
When I was 9, I had lamps made out of old cans in my room. That wasn’t cool. Now I’m making stuff from trash myself. My hobbies: social activism, coffee, being late.



O, the beautiful trash!
Every thing, no matter how dear to us, eventually becomes trash.
The woe of trash dumps, a burden on the environment on the coming generations.
To consider trash before things become trash, to think about how to reduce the amount of waste, about how to re-use things, fix them, upgrade them and extend their life – that’s the raison d’être of Smetumet.

When a thing becomes trash, we step in and remake it into a glamorous product – a feast for the eyes, an aha moment that brings a smile to the face of the person who uses it.
An accessory, new functionalities, a provocation, an original gift.
A point of view.

Smetumet is about products, workshops and social activities created out of trash and because of trash.
Playfully recycled and uniquely designed.



We believe in the following MANIFESTO

  1. CYCLE: Materials, objects and ideas should be passed around.
  2. DE-TRASH: Trash is the blind spot of modern living, which is why we should look for responsible solutions to reduce the amount of waste we create and to put as much as possible back into circulation.
  3. REDEFINE DESIRE: Provide a better basis for the idea of desire, which in its current form is the product of the ideologies of consumerism and capitalist.
  4. DIY: When you need something, find out whether you can make it yourself. If something breaks, find out whether you can fix it. If you have something you don’t need, remake it or reuse it in a different manner.
  5. THE TIME TO CHANGE: Is. Now. It doesn’t matter whether the change is great or small, personal or systemic. If it’s for the better, it’s the right thing to do.
  6. SUSTAINABILITY: We’re part of the people- and eco-friendly solution.
  7. CREATIVITY: The Smetumet recipe: Take a heap of trash, mix in some “can’t be done”, add a pinch of playfulness, marinade in a mixture of handicraft and technology and put into a cauldron of imagination. Serve with social impact.
  8. SLOW DOWN: We welcome the so-called “slow movement”. Less fast food and fast fashion, more things that count. Slower is often better.
  9. TOGETHER: A good thing that you do by yourself is much better if done in company. We’re creating a community.



For your day-to-day, we suggest the following:

– support local manufacturers and producers

– use organic and sustainable products

– use fair-trade products and services and those offered by social businesses

– be as self-sufficient as possible

– use rechargeable and refillable systems

– ditch single-use products

– choose products with little or no packaging

– buy quality products that last longer

– gift, co-use, sell or exchange used products

– sort waste and dispose of it in appropriate containers

collect trash needed by Smetumet

– be curious and look for new solutions

– do everything with friends


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